Some artists attempt to entertain the audience. Others, on the other hand, have a much deeper goal. They want to inspire and motivate their listener, sharing deeper themes and galvanizing messages. This is most definitely the case of Relinquish, a passionate country-pop / CCM band with a unique approach. The group has been active for several years, and the band members had the opportunity to collect many adventures on the road, as well as creating relatable and magnetic songs for their audience.

Hailing from Roanoke (VA), Relinquish had the wonderful opportunity to perform at a wide variety of venues, ranging from festivals, to venues, camps and churches. Wherever they’ll set up, the sound coming out of the speakers is one of unity, hope, and faith.

Recently, Relinquish celebrated the new year with 2 new singles, “Live Like You Are” as well as “Like I’m On The Shore”, which were published ahead of their upcoming full-length album, expected in 2019 as well.

Some of the highlights that Relinquish has celebrated over the years is being able to play with national CCM artists such as For King & Country, Building 429, Zach Williams, Bethel Music, Unspoken, Finding Favour, Sanctus Real, Hawk Nelson, Colton Dixon, and more.

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